Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Past Relationship: Is there a possibility of friendship?

It’s hard to be friends after the break up. Not all the relationship has a possibility to be friends. Maybe when the bitterness or the pain had completely gone, it’s possible to be friends. But it takes time. It’s up to both of you.

Friendship often ends in love.  But love, in friendship. It’s difficult for most of the people! Yes, it’s true. Why? Simply because you don’t want to be friends, you want to be more than friends. You can’t accept the fact that you started and ends by just being friends. You want more than you give.

You can be friends but not necessarily that you share all your thoughts, all the feelings that you have for your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Just a simple hi or hello, a simple conversation from what is happening to both of you would be okay. That can be called a friendship. Having a good communication, with no anger, no bitterness or pain in your heart would be a nice sign of friendship.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is there a happy ending?

Love doesn’t have a definition. You can feel it but you can’t really explain what it is, you can say you’re in love but you don’t know why you say this. You’re saying crazy thoughts and think as if; it’s the happiest and prettiest things ever in your life.  But in the end, is there a happy ending?

Sometimes after you’ve suffered, you suddenly say that “It’s better if we stay friends”. But in the first place, do you think about it. Do you also consider that it’s gonna happened. It’s hard to think about this but it’s even harder when you exactly experienced this.

Love begins with a simple conversation. Just like a new song. You want to hear and know what the meaning is. And after a while, you always want to hear this and try to memorize the lyrics. But after a long time, this song becomes a memory. Memories that full of experiences and what made you a better person.

Is there a happy ending? Definitely, the answer is YES. There is a happy ending in your life as long as you are contented in what you have and whom you are with. Happy ending is not all about love; it’s all about all the aspects of your life. Everyone deserves a happy ending, everyone expects happy ending. 

Friday, September 28, 2012



Love is rarer than genius itself.
And friendship is rarer than love.
                                  -Charles Pierre PĆ©guy

Love comes from blindness,
friendship from knowledge.

What would you do if the one you like is your best friend? Would you sacrifice your friendship and make it into a relationship? Would you take the risk or consequence of it? Simple thought, yet you don’t know what exactly the right things to do.

There is nothing wrong when you’re in love. The only thing is you’re in love with the wrong person, wrong time and wrong place. They say that sometimes doing the wrong things made you happy but in the end it’s up to you what you really feel about this. Being in love with your best friend is not an easy way to put in a relationship. Not just because you know each other better, you can be happy with that relationship. This may be the hardest thing to make a decision. It’s not easy because a relationship between having a best friend and having a relationship with your best friend is really in the different world of life. It’s up to both of you how you handle this kind of relationship you just need to think twice before you made a decision. And that decision will make you happy whatever it goes.

Love is...
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